Mary & Peeps


It was nearly five years ago that we realized we were twitterpated and decided to “date the shit out of each other.” Mary and Peeps, Peeps and Mar. The list of ridiculous nicknames goes on, but we’ll spare that for a blog post. We were fresh out of college, had just left our jobs and were off to the Caribbean to clear our heads and reevaluate what to do with our professional lives upon our return. Sure enough, when we came back a week later, we jumped right back into the working world. We were doing what we were taught growing up by our parents and in school, trying to pay our own way, invest in purchases like cars, rent, eventually in our home, and attempting to make our parents proud.

Things were going well and we were continually counting our blessings. We were celebrating our successes, but there was a disconnect. In the hustle and bustle of the business world, chasing paper to pay never-ending bills, falling slave to the tiny computers in our hands, and spending less and less time together, let alone “quality” time; we realized that we were running ourselves down and losing passion. We are grateful for the prior lives we recently left behind, because we learned so much and it gave us the confidence to do what we are doing today. We can both truly admit that we were working for wonderful companies with ethical and motivational leaders, we were making and saving money, and thriving in THAT lifestyle…but we decided the time had come to forgo the comforts of that lifestyle to create a life together of greater passion and purpose, recognizing that we have the power to manifest our dreams.

Wayne Dyer said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” We truly take this to heart. We recognize and appreciate the song in each other’s soul, and we want to go on making beautiful music together. Traveling has always been a large part of our life and our dreams; our relationship has been a continual adventure and now we embark upon the newest chapter of our journey. We’ve created this blog to share with anyone that wants to follow our manifestivities.